Our staff here at M & C Oilfield Services, Inc. is considered a family unit. You take care of us and one another, and we take care of you! We offer a variety of different wage   determinations based on factors such as experience, qualifications/certifications, background, education, company’s current work load, etc. which also range from position to position.

If you would like an opportunity to join our M & C Oilfield family, please fill out the application below and email, mail or drop off the completed form to the addresses below. We thankfully tend to have an extremely low turnover rate therefore do not have specific hiring times.  We accumulate applications as they come in and when time comes where we are in need of additional staff, we will contact you from there. Thanks for understanding.

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Address: M & C Oilfield Services, Inc.
Attn: Hiring Manager
5121 Hwy 90 E
Lake Charles, LA 70615